Other business

Multi-level parking facilities are now indispensable to the automotive society, providing parking spaces mainly in cities.

Mechanical multi-level parking facilities

Multi-level parking facilities are now indispensable to the automotive society, providing parking spaces mainly in cities.

Production of multi-level parking facilities is part of our industrial machinery business. Our major achievements include the production of components for multi-level parking systems for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Parking.

In addition, we develop, test, and prototype new systems suited to the needs of customers, while providing extensive support for all systems.



Design, production, installation, and construction of suspended platforms

We construct suspended platforms for work safety at high locations, as we have obtained permission for production from labor bureaus and we undergo production inspections.

Certified plant


Design and production of special vehicles and water gate controllers

Based on its track record in the design and production of industrial machines, our industrial machinery business has produced special vehicles under contract for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Bridge & Steel Structures Engineering and has produced large-scale mechanical equipment for water gates that requires a high level of strength.


Control Systems Sales Business

Advantages in control systems sales

– Proposals of applications according to customer needs

– Control panels can be added, replaced, modified, and otherwise changed.

– Sales personnel engage directly in procuring the necessary devices and materials to quickly deliver orders.

– We offer support for component procurement, design, construction, and start-up.

Fukushima Office (for sales of factory automation equipment and others)

Chiefly selling factory automation equipment, the Fukushima Office accepts orders for the design, production and construction of control panels and for the processing of wires, connectors, and other assemblies.

* For factory automation equipment and other inquiries, please contact our Fukushima Office.

Phone: +81-24-543-1008


Examples of Major Products Handled

Electromagnetic switches from Fuji Electric   FRN Series inverters from Fuji Electric   Control units from IDEC   LF1 Series LED lighting from IDEC
富士電機製電磁開閉器   富士電機製インバーターFRNシリーズ゙   IDEC製コントロールユニット   IDEC製LED照明 LF1シリーズ
CJ Series sequencers from Omron   WE70 Series wireless units from Omron   GOT Series graphic operation terminals from Mitsubishi Electric   AC servo motors and controllers from Mitsubishi Electric
オムロン製シーケンサーCJシリーズ   オムロン製無線ユニットWE70シリーズ   三菱電機製表示器GOTシリーズ   三菱電機製ACサーボモーター&コントローラー