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Wadachi Sangyo offers planet-friendly technologies ensuring harmony between people and nature.

Mechatronics, automated control systems, control equipment and systems, automated equipment and systems

Wadachi Sangyo brings you everything associated with mechatronics.

Aiming to be valued, we contribute to our customers’ profits by acting as if we were part of their staff.
We operate three businesses: The control systems business offers control systems tailored to customers’ manufacturing operations. The industrial machinery business offers machinery and equipment that generate a high level of productivity and quality. And the equipment sales business acts as a customers’ purchasing function.
We constantly accumulate technologies, adding to more than 40 years of experience and expertise.
We carry out build-to-order production and our system engineers themselves deliver the order.

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Industrial Machinery Roll formers & conveyors

Roll formers


As listed above, our industrial machinery business handles a broad array of machinery and equipment.
Especially in the construction of forming production lines, we are proud of our ability to unfailingly satisfy the diverse needs of customers by fully exerting our capacity.

Control Systems Business

We consistently carry out design, processing, coating, and wiring of control panels.
Control Systems Business Details

We responsibly carry out design, production, and installation by combining optimal components to provide the functions expected by customers.
We have a coating plant at the Ayase Works and a wire harness plant at the Fukushima Works to undertake diverse processing.

Other – design, production & operations (multi-level parking, special vehicles, water gate controllers, and control equipment sales)

Design & production

Feel free to contact us about technical details, delivery periods, costs, and other matters associated with contract production of multi-level parking systems, multi-level parking facilities, and special vehicles, or the production of large-scale machinery and equipment for water gates.

Control Equipment Sales Business

We offer clear presentations on sophisticated and diversified factory automation control products and propose applications that suit the needs of our customers. Our sales personnel deal swiftly with all processes, from arrangement to the delivery of necessary equipment.
Feel free to contact us about factory automation control. We are able to respond to inquiries and orders concerning the installation, replacement, and modification of control panels.

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