Control systems

Regulating system

Control Systems Business

We combine optimal parts to responsibly deliver functions that meet the expectations of customers in all phases including design, production, and installation.
We have a sheet metal plant and a coating plant at the Ayase Plant and a wire harness plant at the Fukushima Plant to carry out commissioned processing.
Weaccept orders for sheet metal processing or for coating.

Control panel design

We use Autocad, Brickscad, Unidraf, and other CAD systems to carry out design work for customers.

Sheet metal processing

We excel in processing control panels and other low-profile products using turret punching machines, benders, and TIG welders.


We possess an electric furnace measuring 4,400 mm in length, 4,000 mm in height, and 2,000 mm in depth for baking coating of control panels and mechanical structures.

Control panel integration and wiring

We perform integration and wiring of control panels that are internally designed, sheet-metal processed, and coated.

Modification and remodeling of control systems

We have a substantial track record in the modification and remodeling of hardware and software for PLC, servo motor, and inverters, in response to orders from customers in the automotive, food, and chemical industries.

Works for control systems

* For inquiries about control systems, please contact our Ayase Works.

Location: 2605-15 Uehara, Hayakawa, Ayase, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan

Phone: +81-467-76-7015