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Management Policy

Aiming to be valued, we contribute to our customers’ profits by acting as if we were part of their staff. We operate three businesses: The control systems business offers control systems tailored to customers’ manufacturing operations. The industrial machinery business offers machinery and equipment that generate a high level of productivity and quality. And the equipment sales business acts as a customers’ purchasing function. We constantly accumulate technologies, adding to more than 40 years of experience and expertise. We carry out build-to-order production and our system engineers themselves deliver the order.

About Us

Name of Company
Wadachi Sangyo, Inc.
85.5 million yen
President Director
Kozo Ikeda
Head office Address
4-52 Wakamiya-cho Minami-ku Yokohama 232-0057 JAPAN

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Company History

establish it for Wadachi industry capital 3,000,000yen Co.,ltd.
President Kozo lkeda
lt starts as a main purpose by an antomatic part and saie of electric facilities materials various articles
move to the present address with headguarters building new construction
establish an office in Fukushima-shi as a Foothold of a northeastern area
establish a branch office as the purpose that is main in various electrician things in Yokosuka-shi, Kanagawa
move to Sagamino,Hayakawa,Ayase-shi industrial area with the subsidiary compauy main office company building compietion of a panel / a painting section
establish Wadachi Seiko Co.,Ltd.As the purpose that is main by a design / production of parking machinery others various machineries in Ashikaga-shi Tochigi (Ashikaga eastern part industrial area)
Wadachi Woojin Preclslon Co.,Ltd.Which establishes cverseas joint enterprise in Gyeongbuk Korea as the purpose that is main by processing assembling of various machineries
The Fukushima office is established.
The factory in the Fukushima office and the Fukushima City Iizaka-cho is integrated.
Founded 50 years